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Here’s What Matters…

August 9, 2016

1)  Angel was saved and baptized, and so were nine others that are very dear to me… Christian, John Lester, Freleyta, Deciree, Mian, Roselle, Kimberlyn, KC Anne, and Crystal Jane, in whose lives are noticeable changes and eager hearts that serve.

2)  They were baptized by my husband John, who is an incredible man, radically saved, who has poured his life into discipleship, and just serving at every turn, with the humblest of hearts.

3)  Two witnesses to these baptisms were my oldest two children, Riley, and Kendall, who are also incredible christian examples, who serve in teaching the children, praise and worship, and so much more.

4)  John, Riley, and Kendall are coming home and we cannot wait to embrace each other again.

5)  We have two Filipino Congressmen dedicated to helping us get Angel adopted.

6)  We have wonderful, devoted, God sent ministry leaders to fill our shoes in our absence.

7)  We have a church being built!

8)  We have a car, all our own, a blessing from a Godly family, who has given us more than I could ever put into words.

9)  We have a sister and brother-in-law who help us at every turn, willing to let our larger than average family stay with them until we find a home.

10) We have an abundance of uplifting friends and family, who pray and encourage and support us…

Goodness, once I started listing the things that matter, I realized I could be here for quite a while.  I realized that most of the tears I have cried lately are tears of joy.  There are things that have been getting me down and I may write about them sometime… In fact, I did…  But once I read through the 3-paged journal of this past month, I thought what does this even matter?? Who cares about what I don’t have… There is so much that I do have, and I see it plain as day.  I think I will hit delete on all that stuff that doesn’t matter… I know God has everything laid out already… and I trust in it.  How could I not, when He has shown me so much!?  I know I will make it back to my Filipino family and Angel, not as quickly as John, as he will head back in the next month or two, but I will… and that’s what matters.

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  1. VirginiacHaynes permalink
    August 9, 2016 1:10 pm

    Oh,  indeed,  praise the Lord. 

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