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John and Joe

February 2, 2016

“Ummm, you smell like Mexican food,” exclaims my husband as he hugs me from behind.  I begin laughing and say, “Hum, maybe it’s coming out in my sweat.”  He says, “I think so!,” as he gets more aggressive in the hug, saying, “I’m hungry and you smell so good!”  I laugh and break free to cook eggs and rice… Yep, we are back!  And I have moments of I NEED FOOD pulse through me… Where you look and look, hoping that something might magically appear where you’ve already looked a thousand times!… Where you settle for boiled eggs, and try to spruce it up, by dipping it in spicy vinegar…. It’s good… just not what I was looking for.

I do love being back!  I love seeing the change in the people that my hubs doesn’t even see.  I told him, “They’re different!  You’re different!”  He can’t see it, but I do.  Just the way the youth are with him, the team they have developed, the bond I feel like I am somewhat intruding on…  Every morning, at first light, John gets up and starts the water to boil.  He then turns on the outside light, which signals anyone who wants to come, that it is time for morning devotion.  He has Bibles out, and a verse or two on the board.  He puts out coffee and/or Milo (a local type of hot chocolate… sort of).  Sometimes he makes them rice, which they eat with their coffee, and sprinkle with sugar… Sometimes he has bread…  They usually have a discussion about the verse and then they head off to school.  I just love it!  Sometimes we have overnighters, usually two 15 year old boys, that we love to bits and pieces.  Other nights we’ve had more.  John wakes them up for devotion by banging a pot with a big metal spoon.  They know the routine and it makes me smile every time… even though that confounded pot banging is waking me up too.  🙂 They help out a lot.  This morning for church, one girl raked out everything.  They all set up the chairs and benches and brought out the Bibles.  They wrote out the songs we’d be singing and pretty much had everything ready.  Anything they saw me doing, they would run to do it for me.

The other day, I guess the water pipe, that we have running down from our tank, got clogged or something, because so many people and families came up to fill their containers.  It really opened my eyes to just how many rely upon our water supply now.  They drink it and I pray that it keeps them healthy. John and Lee fixed it so the water flows good again.

I got all the kids that attend here some clothes.  To all the girls I gave those cute Walmart $3.88 shirts, and the boys some nice basketball shorts (also a Walmart sale)…  Their faces lit up at receiving their gifts.  And my heart swelled at their hugs.  They’d see me and run with their arms out, shouting “Sister Mandi!” I would shout their names back, and scoop them up!

A few days ago, a couple from our church brought up their 5 or 6 year old son.  He had fallen off a motorcycle and hit his head on a rock.  I don’t know why people bring their kids to me.  I have no idea what I’m doing!!  I just boiled some water and cleaned it, put on some neosporin and a big bandaid.  He was such a trooper!  He looked scared at first, but I was very gentle and spoke calmly to him.  I gave him some grape flavored children’s Tylenol and told him it tasted like candy.  He agreed as he chewed it on his mom’s lap with a smile.  When they came again for Wednesday night church, 3 days later, he still had that same bandaid on.  I removed it, but I could have kicked myself for getting it stuck on so much hair.  It was hard to pull it off without pulling some hair out with it.  He squirmed more then, than when I originally cleaned it.  It looked good but was slimy like it needed to dry out.  I put more neosporin, left it uncovered, and gave his mom some more bandaids.  Thank you Lord that it wasn’t worse than that! John said he is glad I am back to being Dr.  He said some kid came here with stitches all the way down his hand from getting it caught in some kind of machine.  The boy wasn’t moving it and his hand was stuck.  John had to rub neosporin on it and help him open up his hand to get the skin to stretch back out.  He did that a few times.  He said there were several others and he went through a lot of neosporin while I was gone.  I told him I know what he means. 😉 I also gave Tylenol to some kids and adults who had fevers… developed one myself, accompanied by a sore throat, but I am good now, except for a cough.  Praise God!

Speaking of Doctors, My sister-in-law took Riley to see one recently.  He had developed another boil on his arm.  He had to get an injection, oral antibiotics, and swab his nose every night to get rid of a lingering staph infection in his blood.  I am so thankful that he is getting the treatment he needs… so thankful…  I was sharing with my friend how just being able to get my children the treatment they need is one of the biggest challenges I have mentally.  I am so relieved that my oldest two are safe and healthy.  I just miss them like crazy is all… They are doing well according to our back and forth messaging.  I opened up a 4 second video of Kendall batting at softball practice, watched it I don’t know how many times, and teared up most every time. 🙂 Ha!

The kids both had writing assignments due Monday… Both took pictures of what they wrote for me to check and help them make corrections… So I did, took a picture of the corrections and sent it back to them.  Riley’s was just a simple 100 word or so opinion on whether or not he agrees that TV influences crime…   Kendall’s was a sci-fi writing assignment.  Her story cracked me up… I thought you all might get a kick out of it too… So I am attaching it to this post.  The following is her story.  I just helped her make it clearer, and helped her understand how quotations work, and when to change lines…  Here’s her story…

“John,” cried Joe.

“What do you want Joe?”

“Come here,” she ordered as she panted down into the shallow side of the lake.

Joanna, has always been called Joe by those closest to her, including her brother John.  They were walking home from school, and Joe had wandered ahead as usual.  When John reached her, he demanded “What,” as he now panted with her.  “What are we looking at?”  He ordered again.  He saw nothing but her reflection, and now his own.  “Johanna Chris Carino, you scared me half to death!”  He yelled.  “Why in the world did you make me run down here to stare at nothing?”

“Im sorry John,” Johanna sulked.  “But don’t you think I look like Momma?”  John stared at her with immediate regret and pulled her into a hug.  She sobbed in her brother’s arms, “I miss them so much,” she sniffed.

“I’m here for you Joe,” he reassured.

Joanna smiled, “What if I could invent a way to get to them?”

John laughed and said, “Just how do you plan on doing that?”

“Well,” she said and began sprinting toward home.

“Wait for me!”  John followed behind.

Joanna darted straight for the barn, where she kept all of her equipment and other inventions.  She began working right away as if the incident at the lake had solved a missing link.  Soon after, John was right by her side.  “Hold this,” she tapped a piece of metal, refusing to look away from her work.  John complied.  Everyday after school, Joanna and John would race home by the lake, and begin where they had left off, until finally, on a beautiful Saturday morning, Joanna and John completed their work.  They knew that if it worked, their lives could change for good, and not just their lives, but the lives of everyone in the entire world!  Holding hands, Joanna and John asked God for it to work, and pressed the button.  With a thug, thug, thug, on came the machine.  They laughed and Joanna exclaimed, “It works!”

“Wait a second Joe,” John said.  “We still have to see if it will teleport one of us.”

“Alright, I’ll go,” Joanna volunteered, feeling excited, bold, confident and eager.

“No!  I’ll go.”

“But John!”  Joanna argued.

“Joe, I love you,” he retorted with a wink in his eye, and jumped in.

Joanna sat there crying, waiting, wondering if her brother would ever come back.  Sunday morning came and Joanna woke to someone tapping on her shoulder.  “Hey Joe!”  John  stood there in the light of the sun.  “Look who’s here!”

Joanna looked and there they were, “Daddy!  Momma!”  She yelled.  They were there, actually there! She couldn’t believe her tear filled eyes.

Her parents are missionaries, on the other side of the world.  They had left John and Joanna there to go to school, to get a good education while they traveled.

“How did y’all get to us?”  Her parents asked.

“Well,” John said.  “After we made the machine, we typed in where we wanted to go, and it took me there, straight to you!”

“Y’all sure do take after your father, I must say.”  Their mother approved.

“Mrs. DeVera,” Justin said tugging on her shirt.

“Yes, Justin?”

“How did John get back with them?”

“Well,” Mrs. DeVera said, “The same way you got back home.”  Justin looked at her with a puzzled face, “Justin, look around. You see how everyone is leaving and coming?”

“Yes Mam,” Justin answered.

“So you see how they all push that blue button?”

“Yes Mam, that’s what I do when I go home.”  Justin looked at his teacher as Mrs. DeVera returned the look, waiting for him to realize.  “Oh, is that how John made it back?”

“Yes!  Good thinking Justin!”  Mrs. DeVera encouraged.

“Joe!”  John hollered.  As Joe, got up and headed toward her brother, she said, “Alright class, have a good weekend.”

“Bye Mrs. DeVera!”

“Goodbye Class!”

John, president of the teleportation company, handed her the phone.

“Yes,” Joe answered.

“Hey Honey!”  Mr. DeVera returned.

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  1. February 8, 2016 3:25 am

    So glad that you are back into your routine of mommy, sister, Dr., wifey and most importantly a disciple of Christ. I know you all miss Riley and Kendall but, we are really enjoying them!
    Like David says, ‘Don’t know who is doing who a favor?’ It is so nice to have the house filled with laughter again ….and homework.

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