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The Man We Prayed For Every Night…

March 12, 2014


I know as the saying goes…  He truly is in a better place.  Though I am sad beyond words that I won’t see his smiling face here on earth again.  I wanted him to meet Angel one day… even more so, I wanted her to meet him… the man we prayed for every night, Mr. Spencer Karr.  My nine year old son, Liam, literally prayed for him every time he voiced his prayer.  Tears filled his eyes as I explained to him that Mr. Karr went home to Heaven.  I don’t know that he ever knew what he meant to us, what he meant to me… You know those people who just command admiration with their very presence, a person whose opinion really matters… a person you aim to please because it seems they think so highly of you and you don’t want to let them down…   That was Mr. Karr to me.  I didn’t know you for very long or even all that well, but I do know that more of the words you spoke, stuck in my mind better than many others, whom I have known for years.  I loved listening as you taught Sunday School.  I loved how you made the lessons so real, so applicable. I loved just seeing you because you always called me by my name and encouraged me in everything… in my writing, in our mission, in child rearing, in the adoption.  I would even look for you to get encouraged and I definitely knew when you were not there.  I am sure you now realize the extent of all the good you have done as you are seeing Jesus face to face.  I saw Jesus in yours.  All our love to your family and to our family at Dodge.

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