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Monkey Blood

February 13, 2014

John and I sat in the warm sun on the concrete with our backs against more concrete, having just hung the last piece of wet laundry on the line.  The kids were playing on some old bicycles that our American neighbor, down the street, sweetly loaned to them.  “Momma! Daddy!” we heard in the distance right before Neely came flying around the corner.  “Momma, Daddy, Angel’s hurt real bad!”  Before my brain could process by sending moving signals to my body, John was up and out of sight.  We are complete opposites when it comes to injuries.  He goes into hyper panic speed mode, and I seem to slow down to barely able to move or function mode, maybe so more blood flows to my brain to keep me calm and thinking clearly.  (That’s what I’d like to think anyway.)  When I entered the house, there were many kids standing around the table as Riley was setting Angel down on it.  John calmly but sternly said, “Okay, everyone out.”  About ten kids ran by me including my own.  Only Riley and Kendall remained.  Riley explained breathless, that she was on the back of the bike and got her foot caught in the wheel.  He put his hands in his hair, let out a pained moan, bent over and silently cried.  In the meantime both John and I examined her bloody ankle.  “She’s gonna be ok Riley,” I put my hand on his back just as he turned and walked away.  Angel was incredibly calm and brave.  And so was my husband as he explained each step to her.  First, he was going to pour some water over it to see clearly how to fix it.  I held her hand and rubbed her back as I watched Daddy work, so thankful he was there.  Angel looked at me with a concerned look, “Momma, am I going to die?” She asked.  “No sweetheart!”  I smiled and hugged her from the side.  “You’re going to be just fine.”  John poured the water from the drinking dispenser over it.  Kendall left to find Riley.  From what we could tell, there was a large scraped area of her skin, and in the center of that, a big chunk of skin was missing, and in the center of that, was a puncture wound, like something went in and came back out.  The blood in that spot was thick like it was clotting itself.  He checked that she could wiggle her toes, move her foot up and down and side to side.  He said, “Good! There’s nothing broken.”  I began handing him things upon request.  First, was the hydrogen peroxide.  Before pouring, he again explained what would happen.  “Ow Daddy it hurt!”  He blew and she released her squeeze on my hand.  “Okay, it looks like the bleeding is stopping on its own so that is good.”  The more he spoke, the more calm he made me as well.  Next was the betadine.  What’s funny is, without thinking, John actually called it monkey blood because he couldn’t think of its name.  You should have seen the look on Angel’s face.  I explained that it’s not really monkey blood but people call it that because it is red and looks like blood.  Before bandaging it, we put Neosporin on the outer most scrape.  I gave her Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling.  Then we elevated her foot on a pillow as she laid on the couch.  After getting her settled, with whatever movie her heart desired, and Daddy giving her his phone to play games on.  I went to look for Riley and couldn’t find him anywhere.  When I came back to Angel, I saw him sitting there next to her along with Kendall.  Later he told me that he saw her bone and he thought it was broken.  I think he just saw the skin underneath the big chunk because it was pretty white.  Kendall and I were talking later and she was saying why did that have to happen to Angel.  I said, “Well, maybe to show her how much we love her.”  I kept her home from school for the whole week.  We cleaned, dressed and redressed her wound.  Riley carried her everywhere she needed to go.  And she got to have her selection of the movies.  Neely even said excitedly, “Angel, I can be your maid!  Anything you want you just ask me ok,” as she tied a handkerchief around her waist.  By the end of the week, the swelling and bruising went down, the puncture wound sealed itself, and scabs began to form.  She definitely knows she is loved… but I think… even more so, we know how much we love her.


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  1. billy frady permalink
    February 13, 2014 6:07 pm

    Mandi, as always, your writing is so very vivid.  I am there in every event.  Thanking the Lord for all of you.  Continuing to pray for your mission and for Nealy’s health. In Christ, Suzanne Frady

  2. February 14, 2014 3:51 pm

    You folks never have a dull moment. Your letters are such a blessing. Your children are learning life lessons that I doubt they would ever learn here in the states. Their lives will always reflect the lessons they have learned about trusting in God and caring for others.
    God may lead you into different ministry in the future but this season of your life is so very
    precious. Thank you for your sacrifice for souls. A friend in Tomball, Tx.

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