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My Greatest Blessing…

January 25, 2014

“Momma, I love you soo much because you make my life a whole lot better.  Just seeing you smile makes me smile, just seeing you laugh makes me laugh, just being with you makes me happy!  I love you Momma!”  I found this written in my notebook as I was preparing to teach the children in the village.  Though, she didn’t sign her name, I recognized it as Kendall’s handwriting.  It gave me the extra boost of energy to jump around, sing, and do the motions to the songs with the kids of the village.  Kendall was right by side, leading them and smiling her beautiful smile.  What a wonderful blessing!

Tonight, I walked out of my room to hear my son singing a song he wrote about his hero, Jesus Christ, living in him.  It was beautiful and made me cry.  He often plays the guitar for us as we sing together in the villages.  What an awesome blessing!

The other night I was ill and had to stay home as John, Riley, and Kendall went to minister.  John told Liam to take care of his momma and sisters while they were gone and to put on some movies for them,  Liam did just as he was told, making me coffee, bringing me juice…  But instead of putting on a movie, my nine year old son led his 7 and 6 year old sisters in a Bible study, which they loved!  They came and told me all about it. What a magnificent blessing!

And Angel… asks each and every time we pray… “Can me say it Daddy?”  She loves to pray and I think she knows every word to every Christian song there is.  She sings all day long and often requests the accompaniment of her big brother Riley.  What an amazing blessing!

Neely asked me to pray with her two nights ago, as she was having trouble falling asleep.  As soon as I finished, she began to pray, “Dear Lord please help me to get better so I don’t have to get a shot in my butt anymore and get my blood out. And please help me to go to school.  And help Angel to not get sick when we go to America so she can go to school too.  And all my brothers and sisters, even my Aunt Amy because she is my sister and everyone of my brothers and sisters in the whole world.  Lord help us to do for you what you did for us.  I pray that we will have sweet dreams, not bad guy dreams, only princess and prince dreams.  I love you.  In Jesus name, Amen.”  What a glorious blessing!

Please continue to pray with us.  Neely has to get her blood taken again on February 8th to see if the streptococcal bacteria levels are back to normal.  Last month, instead of going down, they went up, double, and she had to get another shot of penicillin.

Love and miss you all.  I saw a lot of snow pictures on facebook and I got a little bit jealous 😉

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  1. John T Sneed permalink
    January 25, 2014 4:18 pm

    MANDI,you must have a 6th sense as I was beginning to worry about you all . sounds everything is going good. the same here. yes Huntsville had the most snow  2in  everyone there was having fun playing in it. 

                                                                                                                                  love and miss you all, grannie


  2. Loraine Millican permalink
    January 27, 2014 1:59 am

    Mandi, it was wonderful hearing about all the sweet blessings in your life, I sure miss them all. I am hoping Neely will be well soon. Is there any way to get oil of oregano there? I just saw on a show the other day that it is natural antibiotic. It helps get rid of the protective coating around bacteria in the body so that the body can destroy it, Let me know if you can get it there. If you can’t, give me your new address so that I can mail you some, Maybe it would help Neely. We love you all so very much, Mom.

  3. John T Sneed permalink
    January 27, 2014 2:47 pm

    mandi  you certainly are blessed with wonderful children .please hug them all for me.


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