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Strong Winds…

November 12, 2013

Hello all!  Thank you so much for your concern and prayers.  I never even knew that the biggest hurricane ever recorded was heading for us.  We don’t have television and I hadn’t been on the internet lately.  I just thought it sure was windy and was glad that my clothes would get dry faster… :-/ We didn’t even hardly get rain out of it here in the mountains of Baguio.  It was only when I got on Facebook that I realized what was going on as I read all the comments posted by loved ones.  I immediately wrote back, but I, too, became very concerned and looked it up on yahoo news.  It sure was a powerful storm for the areas that it hit most and those places still need your prayers.  I cannot imagine being in the midst of 195 mph winds, especially with the condition of many of the homes here.  So please continue to pray for them.  We stay pretty protected in the mountains, however there is the threat of landslides and we have seen many, but our home has a firm foundation.  There are also earthquakes and I did feel one one time… a first for me… and that was a scary few seconds, but probably even scarier for Riley who ran out of the bathroom in the middle of taking care of business, thinking our house was falling down the hill… 😉

The great news, through it all, is that we had the grand opening of our new church last night and it was awesome!  Many hard working people spent the past week scrubbing walls and floors, painting, tearing downs walls and using the wood to build tables and bench seats.  What I had once compared to a dungeon was transformed into a beautiful house of worship.  🙂  Many of the outreach children came and excitedly tugged on my arms for the first hour.  They were so excited to have a place to sit, a table to write and color on, and a structure that will keep us dry… in short, a church home…  🙂  The mayor even came out and cut the ribbon… welcoming us to the area.  How cool is that??  John is the resident Pastor.  I am the children’s minister.  An awesome young man of God who started a thriving ministry amongst his fellow high school student body, is the youth leader.  He is called Baligy which, when translated, means Victory, and he portrays his name in his never-ending smile and character.  A young lady with the biggest servants heart I have ever known is our treasurer and outreach minister.  Her name is Carmen and I strive to seek and serve the Lord the way she does… with everything she has.  Another awesome lady is our neighbor, whom we call Tita Marie.  She is very lovable and has so much energy. Her outgoing nature easily draws in the people, which is why she is also an outreach minister.  And last but not least, our son Riley, who will turn 15 in just 6 days, is our praise and worship leader.  What a proud mom I am… to have a son eager and willing to take on this role in serving the Lord.  My heart is so overjoyed!  And though they have no specific titles yet, Kendall will be helping me as she has become very good with the children.  Liam, Angel, and Neely will just do what they do… make friends and share the love in their hearts.  Last night at the closing of the grand opening, Neely brought me some flowers and I suggested she give them to some of the people there.  She excitedly said, “I know… I’ll give them to the grandmas!” and skipped away to do just that.  I looked on to see some very happy faces as Neely made her deliveries.

We want to extend a huge thank you to those of you who have given, whether it be through finances or prayer, to help us.  We are all so happy for the blessing and we plan to carry it on, and be a blessing.  It is an honor to serve with you!

And now for a few prayer requests… not only for those effected by the typhoon and for our new church… but for my sweet Neely… As many of you know, she had to spend 4 days in the hospital here.  She had been sick on and off for way too long, and once she would finish a round of antibiotics, she would get sick again.  The doctor’s discovered after testing her blood for many things such as typhoid and den gay (sp?)… even something called kawasaki… but the only thing that came up was a high count of streptococcal bacteria, which can lead to things such as rheumatic fever and a rheumatic heart, so the doctor wanted to put an end to her random high fevers, and lack of appetite, causing her to be slightly underweight.  While in the hospital, they hydrated her with IVs and gave her rounds of injections of penicillin through the IV.  The first night her fever spiked to over 104, but improved as the days progressed, and they did not release her until she was eating again and was fever free, on her own, for 24 hours.  She passed her check up 5 days later.  But now, it has been only two weeks and she has a fever again of 102… I hate this… I really do.  It is the worst possible thing for me to have a child in pain or sick.  It’s the kind of thing that tugs me toward home… for a bagillion reasons I could sit here and name, but that is panicky Mandi, relying on her flesh Mandi… Please pray for my daughter.  Please pray for her complete healing, and if you don’t mind, throw a mention of my strength in there too… also my friend Jean (pronounced Jen)… I told her I would ask for prayer for her.  She has been suffering with breast pain for many months now, and I think she is scared, not for herself but for her children… She is just the same age as me and she lost her husband around five years ago to cancer.  She has two children and works so hard to care for them, preparing food like fried peanuts or fish, and walks around with a basket on her head day in and day out to sell and survive.  She has no money to care for herself.  Let’s care for her by praying  for her complete healing as well.  I have grown so fond of her and love her dearly.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts!



children's ministry room

children’s ministry room

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  1. Dale Nissen permalink
    November 12, 2013 2:27 am

    Dear John and Mandi,

    What an awesome work you guys are doing for the Lord. I’m so proud that you are part of my natural family but more than that we are all part of Gods family. I so enjoy reading Mandi’s reports which are very honest and down to earth. She tells it like it is. We will pray for Neely and believe that Jesus will completely heal her body.


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