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Battle of Hardheadedness…

June 29, 2013

There’s no better way of putting it than to cut and paste the truth…

Me to Tricia on Facebook…

Me:     Ok what do I do? We got the puppy for Kendall’s up and coming birthday and when Angel learned it was just Kendall’s she threw a fit and started balling. I calmly explained that it is Kendall’s to take care of but she will be able to play with it too. She wouldn’t stop crying so I sent her to her room to cry and told her she could come out when she is done. She has been in there for THIRTY minutes whining at the top of her lungs!

She just got louder clearly trying to get attention… should I give in? If I go in there it is going to be with a belt. Or should I just continue to ignore her?  Everyone within a mile of here can hear her carrying on!

Tricia:     Hold out – you have to be more hard headed than she is. Being part of a big family means sometimes it is your turn and sometimes it’s not. If we could do it for all of them we would. So maybe go and tell her you will talk to her when she quits acting the way she is but she will be in her room until she quits. Then ask if she likes being a part of a family (hopefully she says yes) and then say this is part of being a part of a family and if she behaves well her time will come when she gets a present too. I would throw in with my kids ‘Have you lost your mind?? Do you honestly think anything good will come from you acting this way????’ But she might not get that  🙂

Me:     Yes, you are right! And my kids would have done had it by now. That is one of the things that is so hard for me is not being able to lose it… 🙂

Tricia:     I usually don’t last long with the hollering either – usually a ‘Do you want me to give you something to scream about? Then shut your mouth this instant!’ And it gets pretty quiet.  It would be tough knowing how to handle it when the child didn’t grow up in your home and know exactly what to expect. I would just be big about this is what being part of a family is and we are treating you like you are part of our family.

Me:     Oh thank you Lord!!! she quit and came out and is now smiling and playing with the dog… I just said hey Angel I am glad you decided to quit crying and come out of your room. She smiled back like she was glad too… all that crying must have been tiring…

Tricia:     How hilarious!! See – you just have to be more hard headed than she is  Reminds me of Cailey Grace – I swear I thought that child would send me to the looney bin!

Me:     haha! actually she reminds me of me! my poor parents…  I remember thinking that I would just keep on and keep on until someone paid attention… I was as hard headed as they come but I guess that is how the Lord made me so that I would be hard headed enough to stand through it all…

Tricia:     Absolutely! I think that about Cailey – I admire how strong she is and how confident in her opinions. She knows what she wants and I think she will be determined enough to get it!

Me:     In that way she is like you.

Tricia:     I am as hard headed as they come! And when I think I am right I will argue until I am blue in the face.  She is more outgoing than I am though and I love that she is. But it sure takes a lot of talking to get her to see when she is wrong!

Me:     Whew what a relief… John was texting me all kinds of things to give me encouragement… haha… he has become better with her than I am most of the time… it is really amazing to watch

Tricia:     She reminds me of me a lot actually. Chris used to be much better with Cailey than I was – and still is sometimes. I got softer toward her when she got sick. I feel terrible admitting that but it’s true. That is a thing she has in common with me – if you want to know the truth about something, ask Cailey. It’s not always pretty.

Me:     Haha, that is like Angel. She just flat says it like it is, no sugar coating anything… but maybe that will come with more English 🙂

Me to John Texting…

Me:     Kendall just got her dog and she is sooooo excited! Angel, on the other hand, is crying buckets because it’s Kendall’s dog

John:     Wow she has a lot to learn. Gifts are her love language.  Does the dog look good?

Me:     Yes it’s cute… She is still crying and I explained and I am trying to just ignore it now…

Me again:     Man she is persistent! I sent her to her room to cry and she has been in there crying loudly for about 10 minutes now… I am persistent too!

John:     Well tell her I will talk to her when I get home. I will have a plan.  Love you.

Me:     She is still in there whining at the top of her lungs… I am not going to give into this. It is insane…  and I haven’t told her yet. I am waiting for her to quit crying… what was your plan?

John:     I don’t have one as of now but I am asking God for his wisdom and love. I am asking him for a heart of love and and a mind of wisdom.

Me:     I hope you get the answer… it is hard to receive it when you can hear her…

John:     This may be your time to show God how much you love his children. Pray and walk in the Spirit.

Let me talk to Kendall…

Kendall, ask Angel after she is done crying if she would like to help you make lunch for the dog and help feed it.  She is all about helping cook.  I think she would like that. It will make her feel a part of the family too.  Just ask. It is her choice if she wants to. Don’t make it a big deal.  She may have had a dog in the village and misses her old dog.  If you think about it she left everything she had and knew in the village. I love you and pray for God’s wisdom and love.

Kendall:     I love you too Daddy.  I will!

Conclusion… Pray.  Read the Bible.  Surround self with other Christians who give sound advice… and… Thank the Lord for those who walk in His ways…  🙂

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