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Now I know why…

May 7, 2013

Sorry 🙂  I have had a few people ask me what happened the other time, or for more specific details about this time…  All I can add to that text is that the old woman walked up to him, hit him across  the side of his chest and thigh with the stick, and yelled some things he could not understand, with an evil glare… He prayed as he walked speedily away guiding Liam to safety.  Anyway, they came back unscathed and looking handsome as ever with their new haircuts 🙂

As far as the last time… Now I know why I didn’t hear about it… It was when we stayed in Alaminos after we first got here.  John had gone into town to take the girls to school, with his friend, who would drive the girls regularly in his tricycle, when we didn’t have a vehicle.  After they dropped the girls, they were sitting and having fellowship and coffee at a covered vendor, when a dirty, suggestively dressed woman came by and jumped on him.  Again the woman yelled things he could not understand.  John said it was a blurr but he was just trying to get up and get away, as the vendor owners, and our friend were trying to get her away too.  He said they were all very apologetic and he did a lot of praying then too.

So again… thank you for keeping us covered in prayer.  Please lift us up daily. We are so grateful…

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