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Just a few short stories…

April 22, 2013

Not too long ago, I had a tooth that was bothering me.  It was the farthest tooth back in the top left side of my jaw.  During the day it was tolerable, but at night… I guess the pressure from lying down would cause it to hurt, because the pain would wake me up all night long.  At first, I hid the toothache from my husband, because I knew he would get onto me about going to the dentist… But it was getting to the point where I would have to go, or continue to suffer, and it was only getting worse.  So… I told him…  I knew I would never go on my own… and sure enough, John made me go.  The dentist took us right in, looked at my tooth, and listed three options.  I chose the one that sounded the least painful, and that was to pull it.  After all, it was too far back to be missed or noticed.  She said, “You want me to do it right now?”  After judging the distant to the door, and the location where John sat, I knew making a run for it was not an option.  So I asked a very important question… “Do you have anesthesia?”  (I’ve heard some stories…)  She did and I closed my eyes as she stuck the needle in my gums.  I could feel my heart beat in my ears and I repeatedly chanted a prayer, in my head, that went something like this… “Oh God please help me.  Oh God please help me.”  Then we had to wait about twenty minutes for the area to be good and numb.  Waiting is not an easy thing to do when you are anticipating the removal of a body part.  Then the tugging was on.  At first she kept yanking and my whole head jerked with her, clearly not wanting to part with its member.  By the way, the one and only dentist chair is one room… the same room where her desk sits as well as all her patients.  Luckily, there was only John and another boy, probably in his early twenties.  She said something to him.  He stood up, came over to me, and latched onto my head with a firm grip.  Yep, you read that right… She yanked a few more times and I was happy that I was not feeling any pain.  I could see John out of the corner of my eye and I tried to half smile at him so he would know I was ok.  I really was, except for the minor fact that I could hear my tooth breaking away from my jaw.  That was a little creepy and a sound I prefer never to hear again…

It is election time here and pretty much everywhere you go, you’ll see a vehicle drive by, with posters on its side, of a particular candidate, and a loud speaker playing music to catch everyone’s attention. I heard a song that sounded very familiar to me, even though it was in another language.  It was “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy” in Kinkinae… not sure if I spelled that right, but it is another dialect here, from the mountain province.  What’s funny is, that is the second time I have heard that song here, but the time before, it was in Ilocano.  Glen Cambell, the American singer of that song, is actually my mother’s uncle and my great uncle.  I just wonder if he knows how famous his song is here…

Our new jeepney is a great blessing for many reasons… One is that we don’t have to walk great distances, or wait forever, just to catch a taxi.  The other is that neither do a lot of others, we are able to transport.  And yet another reason, is because it gave me the biggest laugh I have had in a while…  One night we were traveling back home, but dropping off Pastor Dan and a few others first, when all of the sudden the accelerator went out and we couldn’t make it up the hill.  It was drizzling out and John had to slide underneath, while Pastor Dan held a flashlight above, so they could make a temporary repair out of a key chain wire (one of John’s MacGyver moves).  When John came back out from underneath the jeepney, grease had dripped and smeared on his face.  It looked like he was wearing black lipstick and eyeliner, and in his hair, was smeared dog poop.  He looked so hilarious that I could not keep myself together, especially riding next to him on the way back home.  He smelled so bad that I had to hang my head out the window…  He wasn’t able to remove all the grease from his eye, though he scrubbed until it burned, and had to go to church the next day looking like he was wearing eyeliner…  He erased all the pictures…  🙂

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