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7 Burgers

November 14, 2012

I am writing you today after a 6 hour bus ride, 7 hour walk around The Mall of Asia, 4 hours through the Philippine airport, 5 hour plane ride, 7 hour layover in the Korean airport, 12 and a half hour plane ride, 4 hour layover in the Dallas airport, 1 hour plane ride, and homecoming.  I was delirious and so was John and the kids.  Randomly, we would crack up at nothing, sleep in increments, and function out of exhaustion as well as excitement.  We arrived in Houston at around 2:00 p.m. yesterday.  We were treated to pajamas and homemade Tex-Mex. My heart, body, and tummy were overjoyed!  🙂   Although I would prefer not to sleep the entire time that we are in Texas, my eyes could not remain open another second and I fell asleep in a bed that felt like a cloud.  Then, at 2 am, Neely came in crying and said, “Momma, I can’t sleep.”  I was so confused and could not figure out where I was for a moment, but once I did, I remembered the tex-mex I had earlier, and it wasn’t long before John found me in the kitchen and joined me.  😉    The kids keep cracking me up.  They have already drank one gallon of milk between the four of them.  Well, I had some too and it was sooo good!  I can’t drink the boxed shelf milk… ick.  Kendall keeps talking about how big the refrigerator is but really it is an average small one.  Although, it does look pretty enourmous to me too. I got to wash the clothes in a regular washing machine and use a dryer.  I love dryers!  I remember hating to do laundry before.  I don’t know why.  I had so much fun doing it today. I even wished I had more dirty clothes.  I guess I’m sort of cracking myself up too.

I wish Angel was here with us.  I keep picturing her experiencing so many different things…  When we told her about the trip she turned away from us and continued to eat.  John said her name and she turned back around with tears in here eyes.  John picked her up and sat her in his lap with me next to them, rubbing her back.  She squeezed his neck tight and cried hard.  We told her that if it were up to us, we would take her but the police won’t let us yet.  It was a lot easier than trying to explain the government.  But she was better when we showed her the things we had gotten her to have while we are gone.  Three 3-D reading books for people to read to her and we mentioned some of the names of the girls she seems to have a close bond with.   I am so thankful to the church in Baguio for their love and eagerness to help.  I know she is with people who love the Lord and therefore we could not have left her in better, willing hands.  We also got her a phonics dry-erase writing book with a nifty purple bag to carry it all in.  She really enjoys bags to carry around her things.  I also showed her one-by-one her own brush, mirror, shampoo, body spray, etc…  We also promised gifts from Texas.  She smiled and arranged her bag just how she wanted it and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  We had all cried silently along with Angel, everyone except for Neely because she had been too excited that we were gonna see Grandma’s and Aunts and friends and all sorts of people she kept naming. But once we were all okay.  Neely came back to the room and cried saying ‘I’m gonna miss Angel.’  She cried long and hard until Angel finally said, “Neely, it’s okay. You will come back.”  Every once in a while, Angel would come and say, “Mommy please I want to go to Texas. Please Momma…”  I could hardly stand it.  My insides ached and I would explain again why we couldn’t, and that one day we would, and how soon we would be back.  This happened a few times until we left, which was the most difficult of all… I picked her up first and hugged her and told her how much I’d miss her as she cried.  I looked at John out of desperation for him to take her because I was ready to, either take her and run and tell the airport people why they had to let her on the plane, or just tell John to make the trip without me.  He took her and I went to the taxi to gain control of myself.  The whole time I did not shed a tear until we drove off and that was after I looked at Riley who had tears welling up in his eyes.  That was all it took to break my brave facade.  We have been good since then.  But she is always in all of our thoughts.  John even bought her a meal at the Mall of Asia.  I heard him say 7 burgers, fries, and cokes, but I didn’t catch it until I was passing everything out.  It made us smile and pout at the same time.  And when we all got our new pajamas, Neely proclaimed that Angel needed some as well.  Anything Neely gets, she asks for Angel to have one too…  🙂


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  1. billy frady permalink
    November 14, 2012 9:52 pm

    Welcome home! Can’t wait to see you all and hug your neck. So looking forward to hearing all about your new life. God bless you and enjoy your family.


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