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October 10, 2012

We got a box! Thank you thank you guys!!  🙂  Inside it were things like macaroni and cheese, refried beans, instant mashed potatoes, and the like. I, for one, was very excited.  Kendall made a fire and we proceeded to make some mashed potatoes and gravy and some snap green beans that we saute with soy, a favorite of ours, that we learned here.  I made everyone’s plates, we prayed and began to eat.  Neely suddenly shouted, “Momma, what is this,”  as she licked potatoes off the end of her finger. We all started to laugh. And she continued, “I thought it was rice!” She kept on about how it was her favorite and how I just have to make it every day!  We scarfed it all down in no time and I learned that I need to make a whole lot more next time.  On the other hand, Angel asked for more gravy and I saw that she had eaten all of it off of her mashed potatoes, so I gave her more and sort of pushed the gravy in this time.  But she did not want anything to do with the potatoes.  She slowly nibbled at them though, because she just knew they had to be good, by the way Neely was eating them.  It was kind of like the time when Neely kept trying to eat the fish because  Angel liked it so much.  It is truly funny the things that our taste buds get used to, and at such  a young age.  I will have to make rice for Angel next time.  She likes that with gravy.  🙂

Right now I have a black eye, or more like a swollen bloody eyebrow that will most definitely turn into a black eye.  I was in Baguio yesterday which is very mountainy  🙂  and I was chasing after a little 2 yr old boy because he was escaping up the mountain.  I lost my footing and dove head first into a rock.  I got up and immediately looked around to make sure no one saw!!!  No one did and I took off again after the boy who was quite agile I must say. Then I noticed blood dripping on my hand and reached up to touch my head to discover lots of blood.  Anyway, to avoid getting it all over my face I was trying to stop it with me hand. I caught up to the boy and he looked at me funny and leaned away.  I said “Do I look crazy? I bet I do! I’m okay. Let’s go see Mommy.”  I don’t think he understood a word, but by the way I was talking to him, made him keep walking with me and looking at me oddly. When I walked inside, John saw me and jumped up saying, “Mandi what did you do!?”  Then of course, everyone rushed over to see and take care of my head.  Their remedy is to put a cold tomato on it.  I think it just hit that sensitive area that bleeds really easily.  Anyway… I am completely fine just a tad bit embarrassed!!!

I got to hear John preach on Sunday which was cool because whenever he preaches, I am teaching kids.  He would rather I be there because he likes to hear my feedback.  So he was happy that I was there to listen and it was very good. He preached about maturing in God.  He cried and made me cry.  We can’t seem to ever get through a message without the shedding of tears…  😉

Anyway, I would really love to write to you about some people that I have had the privilege to spend time with and tell you their stories but I have come to realize that they may not want me to.  I don’t want the people here to think that if they tell me something that I will share it with the world. These are their personal stories… absolutely amazing… and personal… and still ongoing struggles.  They are people who face cultural iniquities and the same struggles that we often face, and they inspire me beyond explanation.  And now for a song that has been constantly in my head and on my tongue…

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

His mercies never come to an end.

They are new every morning, new every morning.

Great is thy faithfulness Oh Lord

Great is thy faithfulness…

Is it time for mashed potatoes again?  I think so!  😉

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  1. billy frady permalink
    October 10, 2012 2:54 pm

    You are amazing! God’s blessings and protection on you all (especially from mountains and mole hills). Continuing to pray for you and your mission.<3


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