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Powerful Truths!

September 6, 2012

Well I am writing to you a little sad because Matt and Jerry are on a plane headed back home. They will be missed by everyone, not just us. They made such a great impact in just the short time they were here. And I hope God sends them back soon! You know I don’t ever get to hear a sermon anymore. I used to hear one on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. But here, if there is a sermon to be heard I am usually with the kids, or it’s in a language I can’t fully understand. I really miss hearing those sermons that always spoke directly to me… and guess what… I got to hear one last Sunday. I told Jerry that I think God sent him all the way here to The Philippines just to minister to me. 😉 Now,I realize God touched more people than just me through Matt and Jerry’s visit, but I do know that God loves me that much… that He would do that just for me.

Here is a bit of the sermon… He started by stating the statistics on how many major and minor wars are being fought in the world today. And then talked about spiritual warfare… a battle that rages constantly, with no middle ground, no neutral territory, and the results are eternal. This is a battle I have become all too familiar with… not just here but before I ever even left. There are two forces at work and both want you. Why? John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. And now for my favorite part…

…If you are saved, Satan can’t touch your soul but may be after your life…

I am a lover of powerful truths! And that was me for years. I was saved but Satan had my life and prevented me from reaching that one. Thank God that worldly veil was lifted but Satan is always after me, especially in my thoughts. And now another powerful truth…

…Even our thoughts belong to God…

We can’t love God with all our heart, soul, and mind without first recognizing that!

I wrote this about two weeks ago but I was never able to finish or post it. I still miss Matt and Jerry. And now we miss Tricia and Chris as well, who just left. I was, for a moment, in a state of wanting to climb inside the suitcase and hitch a ride home. There is that part of me… but you know what… We have been in Manila for two days now, with air-conditioning, hot showers, T.V… and it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. I thanked God, more than once, for helping to realize that. For one, I was freezing from the air conditioner!!! And the T.V. did it for me… I saw things like people communicating with animals, people spending all they have to prepare for the end of world, etc… Life really just has a new meaning for me now and I think the longer I spent away from the T.V. the more absolutely ridiculous the shows appeared. I think I better change the subject here because I do tend to get a little irate like wanting to throw the T.V. across the room or climb inside and smack the people around and say “Don’t you get it!” so I better just move on…

There is a family here that moves me to tears most every time I think about them. The oldest sister is 25. She worked her way through college, living and working in the flower fields of the mountain village, despite constant discouragement and hardships. To see the place is to know how little they have. Her 22 year old sister, and 20 year old brother did the same. The oldest is now an accountant, the second a teacher, and the third, still attending school. But what is so awesome about them is to witness what they do. The one who is a teacher is also the children’s minister to the kids of her village, around at least 70. She works from morning until late at night as a teacher (they don’t have the same laws we do that prevent overworking). And when she does have off, she teaches the kids with such patience and love… Why?… Simply because she wants them to grow up loving God and knowing how much He loves them. They have a younger brother who is six and their greatest desire is not for themselves! It’s for him and the rest of the kids to know and love God! The 20 year old spends his spare time ministering to the kids as well and plays the guitar singing praises to the Lord. My kids have even noticed that he never stops smiling. To tell you about them is one thing, but to see it for yourselves is another. I could never explain how much of Jesus I see in them. The oldest told me that she has recently left her job. She explained that many of her clients and the people she worked for wanted to get out of paying their taxes and she felt convicted and had to leave. I told her that I admired her for that. The next day when I saw her again, she told me that I was the only one who had told her that. She said that people don’t understand and look down on her for not having work, and making good money, because she has graduated. She said that she cries about it sometimes but she wants everything that she does to honor God and she knows that God has always and will always provide. I am telling you… They got it! And at such a young age… They got it! They make my heart swell when I am around them. They make me want to do more; to be less selfish. Some people might say… less selfishyou went all the way to The Philippines! But lots of times I don’t want to be here. Lots of times I resent things. I repent a lot, just so you know… That is why Jerry’s sermon meant so much… Even my thoughts belong to Him… I need to work on redirecting them.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming! I will post more pics later. We are about to head back to Alaminos.

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