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Broke-Down Van Ministries

August 2, 2012

You know… we had a Pastor and his wife stay with us a month or 2 months ago… and something has stayed with me ever since then. I heard the wife talking to Angel as I was moving about the house gathering the eating essentials: plates, spoons, salt, etc… She said, “You know what I was doing when you walked in on me? I was praying… I was telling God good morning!’ Most every morning that I wake up now, that thought comes to mind and I smile and start talking to God. I usually start with ‘good morning’… And I am so glad that God allowed me to overhear her that day. I felt small. How long would it actually take me to start thinking about God rather than all the things I had to do that day, despite if they were for Him or not… Take John for example… It would be like me getting up, preparing the fire, cooking, serving the food, cleaning up… and not ever saying a word to my husband… knowing that he’s right there with me, doing it all for him, but not taking the time to ask if he was even hungry… I read a devotional by Chuck Swindoll from his August 1st post on “Insight for Living”…

Sow your seed in the morning
and do not be idle in the evening,
for you do not know whether morning
or evening sowing will succeed.
Ecclesiastes 11:6

The only way we can come to terms with reality—is by trusting God, regardless. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If I am a farmer and God allows a flood to come and wash away my crops or God chooses to give me the beautiful season rains and a bumper crop, I trust Him and I give Him praise.

If I am in industry or some profession and someone throws me a curve and God allows my whole world to be reversed, I trust Him and I give Him praise.

I take life as it occurs. I don’t waste time in the pit of doubt. Nor do I worry over crop failures and strikeouts.

We can’t wait for conditions to be perfect. Nor can we wait for things to be free of all risks—absolutely free, absolutely safe. Instead of protecting ourselves, we have to release ourselves. Instead of hoarding, we are to give and invest. Instead of drifting, we are to pursue life. Instead of doubting, we are to courageously trust.

~ Chuck Swindoll~

I liked this post because it reminded me of my day today… not that I always trust in God with no ifs, ands, or buts… In fact most of the time I don’t. But today I did… because I saw a glimpse of how God was working and it was pretty darn cool…

We finally got our van back a little over a week ago… I can’t remember if I already wrote that or not.. but anyway, if you didn’t know, now you do… πŸ™‚ It has had just a bit of trouble since we got it back… the AC quit working, the gear didn’t want to shift into 1st, 2nd, or reverse… And our friend we had driving it, backed into a pole and the back door wouldn’t shut… But you know what’s cool about all of this? John took it to a mechanic, and there was a guy there 22 years of age. He was talking about his life and how he had gone to church, but he is backsliding, and he told John he needed his help. John and the young man spent the entire time talking about God and scripture, and they exchanged numbers, and he ended up volunteering to cook for one of the youth camps we plan to host in the near future (as his former job was cooking)… In the meantime, we got everything fixed. Another thing is about the timing of it all. We will be traveling 4 hours to Baguio this weekend to meet with the pastor and his wife that I was telling you about earlier. Baguio just happens to be the place where our sick friend, I wrote about in the last post, needs to go to get an x-ray of his heart. We took him to the hospital today but their hospitals are not like ours at all. They listened to his heart and said there was nothing wrong and sent him home with high blood pressure pills.. the same that he has been taking and yet continuing to be sick… Anyhow, we got our van back with good timing because it will sure be easier to transport our visitors and their luggage in the van as opposed to a tricycle. It seems as though our van breaks down in all the right places and yet we are never stranded. I was thinking of calling our mobile ministry Sojourners for Jesus but now I’m thinking maybe Broke-Down Van Ministries… What do you think? John mentioned trading it in but I think we might be onto something here. πŸ˜‰

Goodnight/morning God!

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  1. August 2, 2012 2:53 pm

    I like it! πŸ™‚ Very good reminder to see the good God can always make come from what we perceive as tragic. I love you are writing more. I love your stories from your crazy, awesome life. I wrote a post (ummmmm … it is by the bad, sarcastic, not in the best of all places Tricia – so be warned if you go visit) I started out writing to this commenter on another blog (K) but by the end I was talking to you. I knew I could say all of that to you and you would laugh and say, ‘Tricia Diane!’ and probably disagree but I could say it, and you would understand, and I would feel better after talking to you about it. Man, I miss you!

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