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July 31, 2012

Magandang gabi (Good evening) everyone! I don’t really have anything in particular to write about tonight but people keep telling me to keep it up so I’ll just type whatever comes to mind and see where it leads… We have a little sickness here… Kendall threw up over ten times one day and a part of the next morning. She is better now but isn’t real fond of eating. Her stomach still aches on and off. Liam cried today at church because his head was hurting as well as his stomach but he seems to be doing ok now after a long nap. Riley claims that his body feels sore and his eyes burn. I am sending him to bed. John is already in bed as he has had a pretty significant headache for the past few days… but today especially. It is hurting him all the way down into his jaw. We are thinking sinus infection. I don’t really get sick… I think it’s because I don’t have time to. 😉 I have too many people to take care of. Kendall and Liam got lice again but it’s nothing a little lice shampoo can’t fix…

After church, we went to visit a man who is sick. He blesses our hearts because… he loves God. He is a farmer but can’t really work now. He has trouble with his heart and lungs and weakness has been steadily in God’s word since he has been so ill. He talked about Job and we read scripture together. He said he prays very hard for God to give him more time here on earth to serve. He said he is ready to do whatever God wants him to do. Please pray for him with us… I could see that he meant this with all the strength he had in him. Also, please pray for us… We have been praying and feel led to go mobile… so we are developing a team to travel with us to bring people to salvation. I am super excited and nervous about this… but then again I pretty much get nervous before anything new and out of my comfort zone… Believe it or not, I still have a comfort zone, even with all that has changed in my life this past year…

The other day I was laughing to myself because Neely, my 4 yr old, was playing a game none of my other children have ever played. She was walking around with a pretend basket on her head (it was a plastic tub with leaves in it), and she was yelling, “Balut! (a partially formed chick cooked in an egg with feathers and all),” with a perfect Filipino accent. She came to me and told me that they were 10 pisos. I bought one with some rocks 😉 and she said “Salamat po (Thank you mam.)” Angel speaks English very well now and often translates for me. She is slowly inhabiting our ways and understanding that we don’t allow hitting or give in to pouting and fit throwing. She tells me things about her past now. Like today… we passed a tree near the village and she said,”Momma I get (some fruit that started with an ‘s’) only me.” I said you did that all by yourself. She said, “Yes, I no scared!” She also told me that her father died because somebody hit him in the head with a hammer because “he drink alcohol”. I also heard this story, which happened not too long ago, but I learned that he has recovered. I told her that her father was not dead that he went to the dr. and got fixed. When Kendall was sick, Angel cried and said she no like Kendall to sick because she love Kendall. Speaking of Kendall… she will be 12 tomorrow! We are adopting the Philippine tradition and will make enough pancit to feed an army. ‘If you cook it… they will come!’ 🙂 Pancit is a noodle type dish that is like a fancied up ramen noodles. The funny thing is… they consider it a snack. Spaghetti is also a snack here… If it does’t have rice… it’s not a meal…


I wrote what you have just read 2 nights ago but I was falling asleep so I will try to finish tonight. We celebrated Kendall’s birthday with a typhoon… It was in another part of the Philippines but we definitely felt its impact. We were trying to cook in the kubo kubo but the wind and cold rain were blowing in on us. So they put up a tarp and a rice sack. I even had to break out my jackets! But despite the weather, we had about 40 people or more come over. They are quite used to this weather. We sang praise songs and had a good time. We didn’t have enough plates so people had to eat in shifts. The women are such hard workers. They cooked, chopped fire wood, cleaned, served, cleaned, served… the entire time. I try to help wash but they never let me. And I try to do it anyway, but they take the dishes out of my hands. I am amazed at all the work they do and how quickly and sufficiently they get it done. It’s a sight to see… And I am sooo glad that people will soon witness the things I witness here. We will have 2 visitors flying in on the 14th of August and staying for two weeks. I just pictured Neely saying, “Look Momma Americano!” That is what she says now if we see a white person… 😉 I will try to put up pictures soon, some from Kendall’s birthday and some from recent events.

The kids are better now. Liam just has diarrhea and John still can’t get rid of his headache, but he carries on and pushes through and no one knows, but me, how bad he feels…


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