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…head hunting…

July 22, 2012

Today has been a good day! We went to church. I taught the kids about Jesus and His miracles. I can read Tagalog stories but when it comes to asking questions… it is hard… However, God sent me a 15 year old translator. She translated the questions I asked as well as their answers. It blessed my heart to know that they are understanding. I love these guys… even the rowdy boys that like to swing from the bamboo poles in the hut I teach them from. I even know how to get onto them in Tagalog now, and they mind me, but laugh because they think I speak funny. 😉

Then we rode home and started cooking which takes so much longer than I ever anticipate. The charcoal was wet… rainy season… And my clothes, that have been clean since Friday, are still not dry… But like I said, it was a good day. We had visitors that came and stayed for a while. I really like this couple. They are older than us by almost 10 years but I think we have a lot in common… We told them about something that we have been praying about and asked if they would like to join us. That is to go mobile, to start outreaching to many of the places around here. Places that are hard to get to, with no church in the vicinity… anywhere and everywhere that we can reach with God’s guidance. They were more than willing and I am a bit bubbly at the moment because I am really excited about this! I want to see people saved. I really, really get a kick out of it! 😉

But really, I think all this bubbliness started a few days ago, when we got to skype with most of our church back home… They had VBS this past week, and on Wednesday night (Thursday morning for us), we skyped with them. Our pastor walked around with the computer and we got to see a lot of our church family members… and OH MY GOODNESS… I had tears streaming down my face. John did too! But instead of getting all sad and homesick, which I was afraid would happen, I got completely uplifted. They made me feel so loved and missed and that means a lot to this ol’ ridiculously emotional girl. I think next time though, I had better put my makeup on… especially if they’re going to be putting us up on the big screen again. I only hope it was a blurry connection. 🙂

Also, some friends of ours from back home sent word that they are getting their passports to come here for a 2 week mission with us! Yippee!!! Although, a Pastor friend here, has it arranged for the men to go minister to an actual head hunting village when they come. I can’t help but think of “The End Of The Spear” movie. I keep trying to push that thought out of my head. John is excited but I will most likely spend most of my time praying while he is gone.

Alrighty then… I have to get busy… Lots of things to do before I hit the hay… or should I say bamboo… haha… and I am already droopy-eyed. Sending lots of love to everyone back home!!!!

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