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Monsters Inside Me…

June 20, 2012

Many moons ago, when I would sit and watch T.V… there was a show called Monsters Inside Me. I remember being completely grossed out but completely entertained by that show. The reason I mention that is because we endured our own live version of it over here… I noticed that Angel’s stomach was starting to poke out oddly again. I researched a little on the causes of a swollen stomach so that I could ask the doctor to check for certain things because I wasn’t convinced that the swolleness before was caused from air now. It wasn’t long before our suspicions led us to the answer. Saturday morning, John walked in the restroom after Angel and he hollered, “Mandi!” So I came in and John said, “What is that?” In the toilet there appeared to be what looked like a giant noodle intertwined with some poo. It was about the width of my pinky finger and maybe 6 inches long. We had a friend here and I called her in to look at it to see if she could identify it. She said, “Oh, she has worms.”

Now I have heard of and seen pin worms before but never anything like this! I didn’t know it was possible for something that big to live inside a human body, especially a little 5 yr old girl… And how many could be in there? No wonder she had been eating so much lately… They were eating all her food! In that moment I decided I was making a trip to town and I did’t care how, just as long as I got there. My friend said, wait I will go with you and another said wait let me call my brother to take you. In no time, we were riding on a trike to town. Of my kids, I took Angel and Riley because Riley had a really bad sore throat and a fever of 102. Kendall was sick with a sore throat as well but only so many can fit on one tricycle and… it’s rainy season… I figured the Dr. could give me enough for both of them and I wanted her to see Riley’s throat because it looked liked he barely had room to breathe. Angel teared up because she was scared and I rubbed her leg as the Dr. listened to her stomach. Thank God these are apparently not the dangerous kind and she prescribed a drink that would flush them all out in 3 days. By the way, this was three days ago and that was quite an event. Everyone had to see the worms and they were very alive! What’s crazy is she knew these worms were coming out before we ever saw the first one and I said,”Angel why didn’t you tell me?” She said, “I forgot.” I said you need to tell us if you have worms okay because we need to get them out so they don’t hurt you. “Okay, Mommy.” It’s a good thing I don’t have a weak stomach but it really creeps me out when I think about how those things must have felt. She is supposed to take the medicine again in 3 months to kill any eggs that may have hatched. Riley and Kendall were prescribed an antibiotic that worked that very same day and they were so very happy because their throats were hurting pretty bad. I was happy too because Mommy does not like to have sick babies. Speaking of Riley and Kendall… Riley, who was maybe at my nose when we first got here, is now taller than me! I don’t know what happened… He shot up like a weed and his feet are huge. All the clothes he brought are too small and his shoes definitely don’t fit anymore. He now wears an 11, which is not the easiest size to find here. And Kendall, my 11, soon to be 12 yr old, is making her way to the top of my head as well. She looks like a little woman all of the sudden and I am feeling really old!

And now for John… he is just now getting over the worst diarrhea he has ever had in his life. I got worried about him and I have been making him drink gatorade. Thank God he is better too. Liam and Neely had the sore throat thing before Riley and Kendall but they got over it easier. I have been well and running around taking care of all these munchkins, which requires a lot more than back home. We have no stove in our house. We cook outside in this clay type contraption. I have gotten pretty good at making my own fires to cook with and then I keep them going to heat up water for baths for all of us. We are now very happy owners of mosquito nets so we don’t have to slap our faces when we’re sleeping or dig bugs out of our ears. I think whoever invented the mosquito net is the most brilliant person in the world!

Liam celebrated his 8th birthday here and we had quite a crowd come over to eat and celebrate with us. John and I also celebrated 16 years of marriage. He took me to eat at Jollibee. It was either that or McDonalds. It was the most delicious chicken and rice ever. 😉

As for church, I love teaching the children and communicating with them in their language. More and more people are coming and I try to acknowledge them all but I find myself running around like a nut to make sure I’ve shown everyone love. I am always so exhausted by the time I get home. For homework today I had Riley and Kendall write a comparison paper on living in the U.S. verses here. I will post there assignment on here. It should be interesting. 😉

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