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I wrote this on my friends blog… I thought I’d share it with you too :)

April 1, 2012

You know what’s funny… I used this same verse from my lesson today with the women… about not being given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power. I had a whole other lesson all planned out. But then I felt convicted about something and changed everything at the last minute.

That something happened to be yesterday, when I went to visit a young village woman, who always comes to church and the Bible studies. I think she is the youngest of our group… 24 maybe… She is pregnant with her 3rd child and I had heard that her husband had beat her again. I knew of her because I was told that before we got here, her husband had beaten her so bad that she almost died. When I went to check on her yesterday, she was speaking for a long time in her language… occasionally crying, sometimes smiling, and sometimes very expressive. Afterward, another woman translated some of what she was saying. She also translated what some of the other women there were saying as well. One thing was that, at night, a large black bird, as big as a man, comes to the village. They called it a vampire. My immediate reaction was to say… “Vampires are not real!” And she proceeded to say, “No Sister they said it has long hair and one of them holds up a crucifix when it comes around.” But I discounted it and said it wasn’t real…
But the more I thought about it, and after talking with another Christian mentor about it, I felt wrong for doing that. Even when she was telling me… I thought about a demon but I pushed the thought away, which I am very good at doing. I have never seen a demon! Do I believe they’re real? Yes. Could they actually be seeing a demon? As much as I don’t want to believe they are, I can’t call them liars and discount what they tell me!


I apologized at the women’s group today and gave them scripture on how to deal with a demon. This verse was one of them.

Demons! I feel so inadequate as a missionary. From the time I was little and understood what missionaries were… I pictured them as very knowledgeable, plain looking, quiet, a little strange, and completely selfless.

I am far from knowledgeable. I like my makeup. I am quiet though, and possibly a little strange.
But selfless… I have a long way to go…

Anyway… I just wanted you to know what happened with me and that verse today… and I wanted you to know that I read all your posts and they all made me smile. I love your thoughts… I love the truth behind them…
Miss and love you!

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