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She had tears in her eyes…

February 17, 2012

Tomorrow will be two weeks that Angel has been with our family.  Tonight, at dinner, Liam said, “Momma when I was 6, I had 6 people in my family.  Now I’m 7 and I have 7 people in my family.”  🙂 I’d say most of the days have gone well… although we have had a few rough times…  One night John was in the shower and he locked the door.  Angel went and stood by the door to the bathroom.  I knocked and told John, “You can’t be locking this door… we have kids who need to go potty!”  He finally came out and I told Angel, “Okay you can go now…”  But she just stood there and Kendall walked by and said, “Uh what is that smell?”  So she and I and John were hunting for the source, thinking that maybe our vegetables had spoiled.  Anyway, we determined that the smell was coming through the window and I sent Angel and Neely to get in the shower.  Neely yelled from the bathroom… “Momma Angel has mud all over her and it stinks!”  So I opened the door and realized what had happened.  She looked up at me with sad eyes anticipating what I might do.  I sent Neely out and said it’s okay Angel and I put her in fully clothed.  After we got her all cleaned up… I broke out the bleach, and got after the bathroom.  😉   A few days later Neely caught the bug, and oh my goodness… these girls took turns soiling their britches like nothing I have ever encountered, they were like water faucets that you couldn’t turn off!  I gave them oatmeal and bread and plenty of fluids, but they were going so much.  I learned that one of the stores down in the village had gatorade, so John and I and one of the village ladies walked down at night time and bought some…  Now when I say store, it’s nothing like what you might think of… It’s their house with bars on a window.  That still doesn’t quite accurately describe it though.  Anyway, I was making them drink lots of gatorade, but after a week of cleaning up mess after mess and still no change.  I said, we need to see a doctor.  We went with a lady to her children’s pediatrician.  It was down an ally and not like any doctor’s office I have ever been in.  Anyhow, the doctor was a nice lady.  She prescribed some antibacterial medicine, which has helped.  We have solid stools again!  Yipee!!!  …the things that excite me these days…  😉   I asked the doctor about Angel’s stomach and she said that she has a lot of air in it.  She said it will eventually go down once she releases all the gas and that it’s probably from the water she drank.  I had already noticed, along with Belinda, that her stomach has been going down.  But I don’t know… I am going to keep researching it…

As for the lice… I literally dig through their hair with a flashlight on my forehead at night while they are sleeping.  I feel like a monkey!  I pulled some out of Neely’s hair along with a few eggs.  I have pulled so many eggs out of Angels hair.  I would cut them out but they are close to the scalp.  Many of them are out but there are still so many to go.  I looked through Kendall’s hair and couldn’t find any, thank you God, because her hair is so thick.  John looked through mine and I don’t have any either.  Yipee! … another thing to be excited about…  😉

The night before last, we were eating and Angel’s tooth broke out into 2 pieces.  She started crying because it hurt and there is still a piece in her gums.  Our friend, whose pediatrician we went to, said that her son had the same thing happen and the dentist told her it would just push out and that he didn’t want to pull it because it wasn’t necessary and would make him not want to ever go back. Well, back home I think the dentist would have pulled it, but I wasn’t going to argue after seeing the doctor’s office…  Actually, I do remember seeing the outside of a dentist office and it didn’t look like a place I would ever willingly enter.  I am just glad these are all baby teeth in her mouth.  They are mostly all rotten.

Emotionally, Angel is mostly happy.  The first time she cried was whenI was leaving one night to go to one of the girl’s 18th birthday celebrations without her and Neely.  I was telling Neely that I would be back soon because she was upset and then I turned to Angel and she had tears in her eyes. I assured her I was coming back soon.  On a few other occasions she has had a few meltdowns. Mainly, when John and I are not here… like today… we were up at the school trying to print and I was preparing my Sunday School lesson when Liam came running up saying Kendall needs you!  Angel is screaming and crying!  So we went running up the hill to find her sitting on the chair with Riley on the floor in front of her.  He said, “Momma, she was spraying your computer with perfume and me and she wouldn’t listen to me when I was telling her to stop.  She just started hitting me and throwing things and screaming and crying.”  John said her name a few times but she would not respond.  She just looked at the ground so I told John that I would talk to her while they went outside.  I sat her in my lap and told her that Riley loves her, that he wasn’t telling her no to be mean but because he didn’t want her to break my computer.  I told her not to hit because it hurts.  I basically told her these things in as many ways as I knew how and she nodded like she understood. She gave Riley a hug later and told him that she was sorry.  I told Riley I was sorry, and that I would try to always be here so he won’t have to do that.  I tried to explain her life to him and how we are working to get her to feel loved and to show love.  He seems to understand and he is such a sweet boy.  I often look out the window to catch him running around with Neely and Angel on his back.

I am trying so hard to keep everything even between my children, to show each one special attention each day, and to keep peace,  but man… sometimes I just want to lock myself in the bathroom, or somewhere where there is no noise or just to catch a moment.  I cannot tell you how many times Angel says, “Teacher Mandi, Teacher Mandi, Teacher Mandi.”  That is what she always called me before and that is what is stuck in her head.  She tells me when she’s getting water, when she’s going to the restroom, when she’s throwing something away… everything!  John called my name and laughed one night as he said, “everyone else was calling you so I thought I would to.”  And it’s not so easy for him either.  He has to put on headphones to concentrate.  He told me today… here it is Friday… I have youth tomorrow night.  I’m preaching Sunday.  And I have the Bible study with Cabulalaan after church… and I got nothin’.  But the girls are asleep now and he is next to me just a writing away so I think it’s coming to him now.  🙂   Through it all though, I am happy.  I get stressed and overwhelmed but I have joy. I have an angel by my kitchen sink that says rejoice in the Lord always.  I really like that angel  🙂   Goodnight… I am so sleepy!

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  1. February 17, 2012 2:48 pm

    I can’t read your posts without crying the entire time. 🙂 That’s a good thing. Keep them coming. Lifting you all up in prayer! XOXO

  2. February 17, 2012 5:49 pm

    I thought of Psalm 16 for You and John as I read your post. Bless you all.

  3. March 9, 2012 11:46 pm

    Just wanted ya’ll to know that at AWANA every Wednesday night we pray for the Wilson family…..Now we will add Angel Wilson to the prayer time!!!

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