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Masarap Means Delicious

January 1, 2012

We got to go and help deliver the food baskets on Christmas Eve… First stop… a house with five children, a mom, and a father who had been missing for 2 years. No one knew where he was, no word at all from anyone on his whereabouts. He just didn’t come home one day, which left the mom, not only worrying to pieces for her husband, but struggling to survive and feed her children. Well… the day we came to deliver the food is the day he came home. He had been arrested and was in prison. He and his wife came to church on Christmas morning, and afterward they came to know the Lord and John got to do his first two baptisms ever. He got teary-eyed and I did too, of course. 🙂 The next stop on Christmas Eve was to a family with eight kids. The kids walk to church every Sunday, often with their mother, but their father has to fish every day for them to be able to eat every day. Sometimes the mother has to miss to help the father, but the kids usually don’t miss. They have 6 that are youth aged. Since we meet with the youth on Saturday nights at 7, these kids can’t come because it is dark. So, on Saturday, we decided to take a hike with our youth to their place to fellowship and bring lunch. We left a 10:30 in the morning and got there at 11:35. My goodness those kids walk far! It was quite an experience… when we got there, I had to prepare a dish that would stretch a long way, called sopas, that I was given a quick lesson on how to make. It is a soup that has chicken, cabbage, carrots, and macaroni. The family, like most around here, had an outdoor bamboo kitchen. Our youth, made me a fire and kept it going with bamboo while I followed the instructions and hoped for the best. I felt like I was cooking myself for lunch. 😉 Not only was I hot from the walk, but the fire was melting my face. All in all, it turned out pretty delicious (masarap) and was enough to feed all thirty something of us. Then, John did a lesson on baptism. At the end there were sixteen that wanted to be baptized!!! So it was planned for today, after church, but only 3 of the 16 were at church. I am not sure why that family was not here today but I think they are coming next week. It is hard to communicate sometimes. And of the 3 that were here, they are in their teens, so we had to get their parent’s approval. One of the girl’s parents said that she could not. And another of the girl’s wants us to ask her parents tomorrow because she doesn’t know if they will allow her to. But the good news is, one was baptized today and she was very very happy. 🙂

Back to Christmas day… all the children got their boxes full of washclothes, shampoos, toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, beanie babies, colors, etc…They were so happy. They also ate and played games and smiled a lot. This Christmas will not be forgotten. 🙂 Nor will this New Years… So much more to say, but for now I’d like to wish my mother a happy late birthday! I love you and don’t worry 🙂


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