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Today… And Yesterday

December 23, 2011

I just got back from the Friday night Christmas presentation of the church children… 4yrs to youth. It was soooooo good. These kids are so talented and I had tears come to my eyes more than once. They also did a pantomime that was really neat and I want to try it some time. I am bummed that I couldn’t record it because it was too dark… but the rest of the program is on video… coming soon 🙂 AND… Riley (guitar), Kendall (keyboard), and Liam (drums) played “How Great is Our God” with two other kids, an 8 yr. old girl who sang, and an 11 yr old boy who played guitar also. Wow! Momma was impressed and I feel so blessed to have my children all learning how to play musical instruments. I always thought that would be cool but I never dreamed it would actually happen!

Yesterday, we had an assembly line going, in the church, to fill Christmas boxes with shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, food, etc… I had a lot of fun doing that and I can’t wait to go and deliver them tomorrow (Christmas Eve). I get so excited to do stuff like this! I cannot believe Christmas is only the day after tomorrow. John and I gave up after going to town today and told the kids they were getting I O U’s for Christmas. It was so crowded!!! We had to visit the bank this morning and got there at 8:15 but it doesn’t open until 9:00. Even the ATM. Thank God we were 2nd in line because it got pretty long before it finally opened. Then we went to CSI… If you think Walmart lines are bad, just come to this place. It can be a 2 hour wait!!! The good news is… I got potatoes. I really wanted some for Christmas and found some, super small, but potatoes!!! Yipee 🙂 I also got some green oranges. I thought they were big limes, but they are oranges with a sour flare. 25 pisos for a kilo… I think we found a new snack! Oh… and I had sardines for the first time yesterday. It was a native dish… rice (of course) with some spinach like stuff that grows all around, sardines, and a bean soup. It all was pretty good and the sardines were fairly tolerable. Although I prefer never to eat them again, and I surely would never spend money on them 😉

Things keep running through my mind to share with you but I guess I did promise to tell about the frog and the kitty… This happened about a week and a half ago, but it feels so much longer… I was walking Neely back up to the school after lunch break, and all the kids were there to escort us. I saw one of the boys chasing after a rather large frog and I turned to Kendall and said, “Look they’re playing with a frog.” And we both turned back around to see the boys jumping on it, kicking it, and grabbing it and throwing it on each other. I was about to say ‘No, don’t kill it!’ But it was rather limp so then I just wanted the poor thing out of its misery. Kendall, who loves animals, and all living creatures, was sad for the frog and I told her I was sorry I didn’t realize I as was asking her to witness the demise of a frog. It all just happened so fast 🙂 And now for the kitty… Later that same day, we were walking through the village and those same children were running and playing around us. I spotted a cute little kitty crawling up from under a house. One of the boys darted toward it and jumped just as it scurried back under. I was screaming in my head, ‘Run kitty run!’ Whew it made it!

Okay the bed is calling my name and so is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I never much cared for peanut butter and jelly before… It is one of my favorites now 😉

I wil try to write tomorrow about delivering the gift baskets. Until then… Mangandang gabi… Good night 🙂


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