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Random Thoughts and Concerns… by Mandi

October 7, 2011

I’m still here… We still haven’t sold the house but we still show it on a regular random basis. Monday morning, I read a text on my phone and jumped out of the bed yelling, “They want to show our house in 15 minutes!” I am not a morning person!!! We somehow loaded the dishwasher, made beds, scrubbed counters, put up the clean laundry (by throwing it all back into the dryer), swept the floors, dressed and rushed out the door just in the nick of time. We also loaded up all the home school stuff and went to our neighborhood tennis courts to sit in the bleachers and do school work. The kids really liked that… but they got to have long play breaks while I moved on to the next kid… and bleachers are not the most comfortable place to teach from. Anyhow, it was a beautiful day and I did enjoy being outside. They asked if they could do that again today but I suggested just going to play after school was done. 😉

Speaking of school, I am finding that I really like having the answers in front of me, as well as examples of what on Earth they are talking about. For instance, I would have never understood what this meant without the example… ‘A semicolon is needed between two simple sentences if you do not use a comma and coordinating conjunction. However, if you do use a comma and coordinating conjunction, you might need to use a semicolon to make it obvious where the first one ends.’ Now, if you got what this means just by reading it, then I think you are an absolute genius. Without the multiple examples underneath it, I would have been at a complete loss of comprehension.

As for the Philippines… the people from the fishing village we are going to are having to live in the church due to the typhoons. That is all I know. From the pictures I have looked at on the internet, and the videos I have watched, it looks pretty bad as far as flooding goes. And I seriously doubt they have electricity. In the two weeks that I was there, we lost power every day even with the clear, beautiful, sunshiny weather. When typhoons hit, the men cannot go out to fish and therefore cannot eat or feed their families. So Pastor Ed and Belinda provide food for the villagers and allow them to stay in the church until things get better. I keep seeing the faces of the people I met and wondering how they are faring. The thought of experiencing a typhoon is scary but it doesn’t deter me from knowing that I am supposed to be there. I just hope that giant saltwater croc didn’t get lose in all the chaos… Did you see that by the way??? That thing was huge! They caught it going after a water buffalo!! If you didn’t see it, look up ‘saltwater crocodile captured in Philippines’ and take a look. Apparently they kept the thing to put on display…

My husband just had me come look at what he and the boys have been working on in the garage. It involved a bicycle, an old motor from a scroll saw, a fan, and a battery. All I know is that they were able to produce electricity from all of that… I wouldn’t go to the Philippines with any other man 🙂

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