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Al Braca

September 13, 2011

Oh My Goodness!!! I started homeschooling today and I went to school right along with them. The stuff they were learning I had to learn myself. I had to read and reread and look at the sample and double check it. English grammar has some crazy, confusing rules! And the vocabulary!… balk, elocution, extricate. I had to look these up myself and then put them in a sentence. I don’t think I’ve ever used these words in my life; and they learned them their first day of school. Wow! I’m either going to get really smart or go plum crazy. Liam’s was fairly easy, thank goodness, considering it is only second grade. But he has to memorize and I think plucking each hair out, one by one, would have been better than how that session went today. But all in all, a good first start. šŸ˜‰ Also, we got the shots taken care of for the kids. Poor Neely (4 yrs) had to get six of them. She didn’t even cry on the first two but when she saw that they kept coming, she cried. She got a daddy-sized bowl of ice cream (and that’s pretty darn big). As for our house, we got a call Friday night that a couple wanted to come look at it Saturday morning from 9:15 to 11:15 so… we stayed up until 2 in the morning cleaning and fixing little odds and ends. Everywhere I looked I kept seeing things to work on. Anyhow, we got the kids up, dressed, and out the door, just as the couple showed up (10 minutes early). It was a weird feeling to have people going through our house without us there. But I’d say it was better than being there while they were going through our house. That was uncomfortable too. šŸ˜‰

And now I’d like to share with you something our pastor mentioned at church Sunday. I came home and looked it up to learn more because I found it so inspiring…

Did you know there was a man named Al Braca on the 105th floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center, who realized he was trapped and unable to escape? Do you know what he did before he died… in the midst of chaos and panic? There are several last emails and phone calls received about a man, Al, who shared the gospel with 50 coworkers that day and led them in prayer. I try to picture the scene… to put myself in his shoes. What would my reaction have been? I really have no idea! I picture myself praying (for sure), but I probably would have spent those last moments on the phone with loved ones, panicking, and pleading with God for my own sake and the sake of my children becoming motherless in this crazy world. But would I have been selfless enough and calm enough to bring others to Christ in that moment? I really hope that I would or could. What an admirable Christian man… This story will stick with me from here on out.

Where was God in all of this??? I used to ask that question a lot before, but I don’t anymore, because I know. And as our pastor said yesterday… He was at the same place He was when Adam fell into temptation; when Noah went through a flood; when Joseph was rotting in prison; when Moses was on the backside of the desert; when Jonah was swallowed by the big fish and had to learn that God’s way is the best way; when Daniel was in the lions den; when Peter and John were beaten; when Paul was stoned, shipwrecked, and imprisoned. He was at the same place He was when Jesus was spat on, beaten, and nailed to a cross, and said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I find it comforting to know that in spite of all that, God had a plan. In this broken world, where things don’t always go as we plan, God has a plan. His timing is not our timing and His plan is not always our plan. But we need to submit in the midst of suffering to God’s time table. WE NEED TO SUBMIT IN THE MIDST OF SUFFERING TO GOD’S TIME TABLE. This statement rang true in my ears when Pastor Jason said it during his sermon yesterday. It is easier said than done, but so true. God has a plan and He loves us…….. The End. šŸ™‚

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  1. September 16, 2011 4:09 pm

    Wow! That is an amazing story, but then again, we serve an AMAZING God!

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