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Why Aren’t Your Kids In School?

September 2, 2011

Well, the guy called and said that he decided not to get it… bummer, but I am so glad he didn’t! That is because I met the neatest Real Estate Agent ever!! Her name is Joni Staples and I loved her right off the bat, simply because of her boldness for Christ. I admire that quality so much in people. She was talking about how she can’t even take a breath without God. And it is so true! Each moment we have, every breath we take, is a gift and should be used for God’s glory. She is coming back tomorrow to take pictures – woohoo! Now I will just have to keep the house immaculate with six people living in it 😉

Also, I have the kids homeschooling stuff ordered and on its way thanks to Carrie Hoke – a home school mom who knows her way around the curriculum and the cheapest routes to getting what you need. Funny thing is, they just started coming to our church right when I needed her… thank you God! The only thing I have left to get is their math stuff. It is pretty expensive but supposed to be one of the best. I think that is the main reason I was so stressed before… is because school started and my kids did not. I have always been that mom that got all the school supplies well in advance, labeled everything, double checked that they had everything on their list, shopped for school clothes on tax free day, had the camera ready on the first day of school… That was me. Now, school had started. My kids had not. I really wasn’t even exactly sure what I was getting to teach them with. I just let it all get to me. I didn’t even want to take them anywhere because I felt like everyone was staring at me like ‘why aren’t your kids in school.’ I even had one lady tell me that my kids were way too outgoing to be home schooled after she had asked why they weren’t in school! It is things like these I have to let go. I can’t worry about what the world thinks. I am so excited now to get started and so relieved to somewhat know what I am doing 🙂

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  1. September 2, 2011 5:04 am

    God will provide and equip you with all that you need to teach those beautiful children! Rock on Super Mom! :)))

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