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Two Ulcers And A Fever Blister

August 29, 2011

I think we might have the house sold!!! A man called on Friday and said he was driving through our neighborhood on his lunch break and saw our sign. After he got off of work, he came out to look at the house. The next morning he was here with a home inspector… (by the way home inspectors go through your house VERY thoroughly). He was here for 3 hours and I kept wishing I had stayed up all night cleaning. Anyhow, he sounded very excited about our house and was talking like he had already bought it. πŸ™‚ He is supposed to go on Monday to talk with the bank and insurance and said he’d call us the early part of next week. I am happy and frazzled at the same time. I really want to have the house sold but I also don’t want to have to move into some other place until we leave. And we will most likely not be leaving until October. This is because Belinda and Pastor Ed will be here in the States until November 1st and we have to get the okay from Pastor Ed to go to The Philippines without them being there. He doesn’t fly in until September 25th and we are going to meet with him.

Before we leave we still have to secure our support, get shots (typhoid for starters), get medical insurance including emergency evacuation, acquire all homeschooling materials, and I am sure other stuff I can’t think of at this very moment…

The ulcers in my mouth and fever blister on my lip prove that I am not doing too good in the whole stressing out department. And it is hard to hide it when the evidence shows. John says would you quit stressing out! And I say I’m not trying to! πŸ™‚ I know God is in control and I know this is where He is leading us and I know everything is in His timing. Telling my body that is a different story. The last time I sat on a plane headed to The Philippines, I was so nervous, afraid, and anxious. The next time I sit on a plane headed to The Philippines I think I will feel the greatest sense of relief imaginable… either that or I’ll have a whole new set of fears and unknowns to face. Whew! I think I am going to say a prayer and read my Bible so I can unwind. Usually, writing is a good release for me but I think this time I’m sort of working myself up even more. Goodnight and God bless.

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