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Do It Or Die…

August 5, 2011

Well… he did good. He even went back up on the stage to say something he forgot to mention. I was impressed that he did that. If it had been me, I would have been so relieved to be done and back in my seat that going back up there would not have been an option. I just want to say that I love my husband’s obedience and desire to follow what he feels in his heart. Ever since he was saved a little over a year ago, he literally can’t wait for an opportunity to share his faith and, believe me, he takes every opportunity he gets. It is refreshing and nerve wracking all-together. I still fight with my boldness. I heard someone say once… ‘How often do you pray for boldness as opposed to safety?’ Whoa… what a question! I remember feeling like there was a giant flashing neon finger pointing at me.

Now, I’d like to share with you an awesome experience I had on Wednesday… John, the kids, and I went to visit John’s grandmother at her nursing home. When we first walked in I was overtaken with sorrow and pity. There were elderly men and women in wheel chairs all over… just sitting there, in the lobby, in the hallways, many of them alone. John, of course brought his guitar because it belonged to his grandpa… and it is pretty much written in stone that he bring it every time we see Grandma. It just so happened that shortly after our arrival, they were having a praise and worship service in the activity room. It seemed as though everyone there knew us already as the Missionaries to The Philippines 🙂 We were invited to share and John sang. Then we spent the next hour joining them as they sang from hymnals and read scripture that coincided with the songs. I was so moved and pretty much cried the whole time I was there… to look around and see the pain and ailments so many of them were enduring yet they were singing their hearts out to God. One lady, in particular, who will be 100 next week, was so dynamic. I don’t think she put her arms down the entire time and she randomly yelled out scripture. She knew so many and you could tell she loved her Lord and Savior. It makes me tear up now just to think about her. And I can’t forget Alice… Grandma’s roommate. Her head was permanently cocked to one side and part of her heart was no longer functioning, but she had a kind, loving spirit. She took to the kids like no other, especially Neely, almost four. And Neely took to her. She rode around all over the place with Alice and her scooter. Alice had a saying that I loved… “Do it or die.” Ain’t that the truth. It’s my new favorite saying but with a lot more meaning behind it… It will be what I whisper to myself when when I am feeling the Holy Spirit lead me to do something. Do it! Or die in my spiritual walk. The pity I had for these people turned to admiration. They lived to see Jesus… They lived to sing His praises… And they did it with all their heart.

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  1. Roger permalink
    August 23, 2011 8:24 pm


    you and your husband are great for me to read about. I need and have needed to be with out fear, follow what I know the spirit has been telling me for some time. I’m sad and disapointed with myself because of my lack of obedience and the behavior I’ve had because of it. The doors He opens only He can open, and the ones He shuts only He can shut right. I’ve been complacent, I hope it hasn’t cost me too much.

    thank you,

    Roger Woods

  2. August 24, 2011 9:36 pm

    Hey Roger,

    Thank you so much for writing me. You remind me of myself 😉 It’s never too late and everything is in His timing!!

    In Christ We Live!

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