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Stepping out and Leaning on God

June 17, 2011

A special thanks to everyone here in Texas and in the Philippines who were a part of our mission especially in prayer.

A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit filled my heart with a passion to go to the Philippines. So Mandi and I got our tickets and stepped out and into what would be an unforgettable experience. We were greeted with open arms and felt God’s love with the different people we encountered. I felt like a child opening up a Christmas present. Mandi and I were thrown right into the mix as the youth pastors. We had an average of 15 kids who where eager for the word of God. We taught them Bible lessons, shared songs and games and got to know them better each night. The kids are like sponges when it comes to learning. They have a passion that I pray my kids will further embrace.

I feel like our kids and many kids in the United States have so many distractions that can keep them from getting closer to what is really important, a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. Things like T.V., Play-station, cell phones, and status symbols fill our minds and our time. I am guilty of this myself. 
Mandi and I were watching t.v. one night and flipped to a show call Noah’s Ark. We thought it was going to be a documentary but shockingly it was a graphic sexual relationship between two men.   Other times we would be watching a family program but the commercials were terrible. It seems like more and more things are just accepted these days. I was tired of seeing things like this and just talking about it but not doing anything so we decided to cut the t.v. out.  Some would say that we shelter our kids but I don’t think supporting sinful behavior is sheltering them.  I sin daily because I am human but I try and pray for God to change my habits and mold me to be more like Him.

People ask, “Well, what about the kids here in the United States? Why not help the kids here?” My best answer to this is that the Holy Spirit has lead me to the Philippines. I have questioned it myself. I was suppose to be moving to Colorado!  My dream was to be a mountain man a.k.a ‘Jeremiah Johnson.’  But this was my dream. There have been many conformations that let me know this is where He wants me. This is His plan for me and my family because I can feel Him telling me in my heart.  He has left his footprint in the sand for us to follow. It is up to us to place our feet in His and not to disturb the edges.

Though I still do not know what Gods has laid in-store for me and my family, I do know that the Philippines is where the footprints are leading. I feel like I am walking through an opened door that may lead to other open doors. The Philippines could just be a stepping stone to many other missions or a lifetime commitment.  I don’t know. Maybe we are raising four missionaries. I can think of other  reasons for all of this but these are just my fleshy understandings. It has been hard with some of the different distractions that come into  my path. But I have seen what the power of prayer can do. I know God has a plan. He is the omnipotent and great orchestrator of our lives (from the words of Charles Stanley).

I have been scared of many things in life. Taking my family to a 3rd world country where everything is different is right up there on my list. Having to learn another way of life is scary. But not listening to what the Holy Spirit says is scarier to me than anything else.

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