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An Update…

May 28, 2011


The area we are going to is experiencing a brownout, a period without electricity.  This tends to happen a lot in their rainy season… June…  But hey… it is probably good that we go when the conditions are at their worst right?  😉

We have at least been able to finalize our arrival plans.  I guess we’ll figure out how to catch our flight out after we get there.  🙂   We will arrive in Manila on Thursday at 9:55pm (that would be 8:55 am for all you Texans).  They are exactly 13 hours ahead there.  We have a photo of the man who will meet us, who is known as Pastor Mon.  Apparently he is very high up in customs at the airport so that’s a big plus for us.  He will have a phone because ours will not work over there  😦  and drive us to our hotel (right across from the U.S.  Embassy ;)).  Thank God for Pastor Mon!

We had to get a hotel because the truck is not coded for Thursday… meaning:  depending on what your license plate ends with, you only have certain days you are allowed to drive in town because their streets are small and cannot accommodate all the traffic.  I think it also has something to do with gas …?  So, Friday we will be picked up by Brother Toto for a 6 hour truck ride to our remote destination.

Also, I found out that a lady I have conversed on and off with over the years, (because Riley, my oldest, is friends with her sons), is from the same general area.  She is going to give me the numbers of some people she knows over there, just in case we should need anything.  One of them is a doctor.   🙂

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  1. June 3, 2011 1:34 pm

    Wow, Mandi I thought you were the writer.
    John really layed it out there almost as readable as yours!
    I can’t wait for the book!!!!!
    I am so excited about how our Lord Jesus has brought us together and ihow the Holy Spirit is using us to build His Kingdom.
    in Christ.. we LIVE!!!!

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